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Buster sock giveaway

Wearever underclothes and Buster Brown socks

Now as a 34 married mom of 4 there are some things I never thought about having at this age. I already knew with my sensitivity to normal socks finding a good sock that I could wear was a challenge. I never expected to have a problem with feminine leakage as I thought that was for much older women.

   Other than the normal awkwardness of buying suck products and not being very comfortable or facing the challenge of sudden clothes changes I found Wearever products. I was lucky to be able to test out a pair of the black lacy ones the site has. Not only do they have many nice styles for men or women the pair I got was much more comfortable than I thought it would be. Not only are these cheaper to buy than disposable they are good for the environment. My best suggestion for myself for future purchases is to buy a larger package as 1 is just not enough for someone with asthma and my issues. My only suggestion for this type of product is to have more …