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Smart Bones Giveaway

This review was written by Bargain Hound: I've had the pleasure of reviewing some new pet products from SmartBones. We were sent a bag of SmartChips and a bag of SmartFillets. Now, we have five dogs. Yes, you read that right. Five dogs. And four of them are Chihuahuas. One of our Chihuahuas (Noah) and Sammy, our 30+ lb non-Chihuahua mutt, like the bigger bones and bigger treats, while we usually prefer smaller treats for our other three Chihuahuas, as they are quite tiny. Cody is a year old and just 5 lbs. When I opened the packages, I didn't think any of them were too large for any of our dogs, even little Cody. I bet even cats if you cut the fillets down would love the treats. I gave them these treats over two different nights, as I didn't want them to overload on treats.As too many treats at a tme is not the best which is why they have a serving size. The first night, I gave them the SmartFillets. All five dogs went nuts over these! They were quite…

Mia Mariu Giveaway

This review was written by Bargain Hound: Oh how I love reviewing beauty products! This review is for makeup from Mia Mariu. A little about Mia Mariu:The Mia Mariu philosophy makes the connection between beauty and health in harmony. Mia Mariu’s high performance products are formulated with the most natural ingredients available helping you achieve vibrant beauty and health inside and out. Each unique product fuses nature and technology by combining the highest quality botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and peptides. The result is healthy products that provide a perfect balance that reflects itself through youthful, healthy, beautiful, glowing skin and renewed energy and vitality, at an exceptional value. When I received my package from Mia Mariu, I received a Uniquely You Touch-Up Kit, a Petite Detail Brush and three Hydrating Stick Glosses (Retail Value $109). I like neutral colors, and I chose the lip glosses in Tango, Capricho and Granada. First, I will say …

What being a blogger means to me

I know many people blog for different reasons. Some because they like a place to vent off steam, some to talk about products they like and others for recipes or sales.

  Myself , the main reason why I do this (even though sometimes life gets in the way of me blogging as much as I want) is that I want to feel useful by earning things to at least make up the monthly cost of the internet and things that catch my fancy be it rants, recipes or reviews and giveaways.

  I got the idea to start blogging when I saw folks do awesome things with their blogs. After over a year I am still working on how to better my blog so I can get more things to review as there are so many things I want to try for myself, or for my husband or 4 children.

  I have had things assumed about me and my family that are not true. I hate not being able to hold a job outside of the household and my other half does have an income even if we do not have much money for extras. We get all the bills paid the beginning of ever…

Bacon Ranch Pasta

Ever have those days where you are wondering what to make for dinner that will not take forever? Kids yelling they are hungry or they want something new? This recipe takes under 30 minutes to make and can be changed up a bit depending on what you have on hand or tastes.It also hits most food groups.

12 Ounces Egg Noodles <whole wheat>
1 pound your choice of lean beef, chicken or pork. Cut into small pieces or ground.
1 cup bacon ranch dressing
1 1/2 cups diced tomatoes
1 cup grated cheddar cheese.

Cook the eggs noodles until done. While they are cooking cook the meat,tomatoes and ranch until the meat is done. Drain the noodles and then add to the meat mixture. Mix thoroughly and sprinkle cheese on top.

Serving size is about a cup and a half. Made 10 servings for my family. It can be played around with and is extremely simple to make. Tastes great to.