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Nullification and the encroaching voids within and without

Nullification lets start by defining this . It is the act of cancelling something. In the case of humans it could also be called suicide , withdrawal of life, ending this mortal coil. Yes many people say you are weak if you think about this or go through with it. Most everyone has thought about it , some have tried and failed and others many most would of thought have went to the great beyond. There are thousands of different types of pain some can be seen others are a slow degradation that slowly saps the life out of a person. The voids that are created in a person's soul . Some are fragile and unending spears to the heart whether it be by withdrawing from that person or sadistic / needless cruel. There is also the instant rocks down the well , wrapped thoughts that fester when things you set your heart on or something you hope for fails time and time again.

I know all too well the feelings of being a waste , a void. Yes I have a man that loves me and my children ..…