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Twas The Night Before Christmas-- New Edition

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the houseNot a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Lets think about this, shall we? They must live in a vacuum and have no kids as  it is never motionless in a house.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there

Fire hazard anyone? And do you really wanna eat something that came from where you put your feet?

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads

Kids yes one things they sleep snug but kids rarely sleep when one wants Nowadays they envision electronics in their head.

And on & on this goes. Its truly innocent in the ways of the world when one compares it to the reality of life


Ergonomic Pen.. or Ugly pens a wonder that helps you write

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. As someone who has issues writing and having a son who has the same issue I have looked for a long time for something that could help with writing without looking completely foolish. I finally found one in a product called . These pens are great for those that issues writing. Now the pen kind of looks funny but the great thing bout them is they work. The texture of the pen looks funny but they do help with your writing.With the design of this pen it is ment to keep your hands from cramping.The reason for the texture makes it form fit and makes writing effortless. You can also refill these for a decent price and since they are gel pens the ink is nice also.I love my Uglee Pen and my son is very happy with his because being 15 he has a lot of school work that requires writing I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use persona…

Cane cover review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>

Product Description:
  Our fabric cane covers come in a variety of colors and designs.  They slip over the shaft of a cane with elastic holding the cover up.  The stretchy fabric makes it easy to use and fits most canes.  Machine wash and air dry.

My Review

  I have a good friend who needs to use a cane to help him move around because he has had multiple back surgeries. Now many of his canes are carved and look great by themselves but he has a few metal ones I thought he may like dressing up.

  I picked out the leopard design as I thought that was a neat looking design. I figured since it was meant for cane users it would be something simple to put on say Velcro or snaps.

  It came as a 1 piece design wh…

Great deals or duds?

Everywhere I look I see things on how one can buy something extremely cheap like say Amazon as that is currently my pet peeve after checking out some of the "great deals" I have been reading about.

 Biggest example is all those items that are under a $ perhaps as cheap as a penny. Great deal you think and start loading up your cart. Even better if you are a member of prime and get free shipping right?

  And then you get to checkout and that uber cheap item comes with a $6 to $7 charge per items , they don't discount for multiple items or eligible for Prime. So that idea of getting say 10 things total could cost you upwards of $100 and you think your saving because they say the original price is so much higher. Your not actually saving anything because the quality of most things are a cross between dollar store and Walmart costume.

   Then depending on where is coming from it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months if you ever get it. If you don't or if its …

Matcha DNA Green Tea

This month I was able to ty something I never knew exsisted till recently. Now I am a huge tea lover and its not just the basic blacks I like its the herbal blends and the green teas. Other than the crystalized tea one uses to make iced tea I thought all tea had to be made by bag, strainer or flowering teas so the idea of a powdered green tea that could be used in multiple forms interested me.

  Matcha DNA sent me a bag of 34 little bags to try out. I read the intructions and first went well why do I have to heat the cup up first. I found out the hard way it does make a difference on heating the cup up first. The cup I did not preheat before making the powder did not disolve fully and stayed as a slurry in the bottom. I added more hot water and ended up with a second cup of tea and that fixed it.

Matcha DNA green tea
My favorite way of drinking this tea is to add a touch of honey. Not only is drinking green tea good for your health adding the touch of honey helps sooth your throat in t…

TeeSpring cusom shirts for fun or non profit

This website is easy and simple to use to order custom shirts that you can design. Whether it be a big job or medium job as the lowest end they  this is the perfect place for you to go. The possiblities are endless.

  The best part about this there is no out of pocket cost as the shirts are not printed until the total amount is sold and one can launch a campaign for up to three weeks. You can still have shirts sold past your goal and not worry about not having enough or too little which is great if your non profit like a school or for a cause.

 The steps at TeeSpring are very simple. One picks out the type of shirt , then the color of the shirt. Sizing is taken care of when each person orders. After picking out the text both style and wording , one sets the price for the shirt over the cost of making it so can make money towards the goal one is trying to make,

  I personally launched a campaign to go towards something near and dear to my heart. Pancreatic cancer awareness as my mother … Gourmet meals you can do at home

Sometimes one wants a special meal but one doesn't want to go out. Plated has that solution with a simple gourmet meal one can make at home for about $10 a plate. The food comes in sets of two and the instructions are easy to follow. I picked out the Orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabi. The ordering process was easy and they have been having deals where you can try the first box for free from them.Plated . This way you can make your meal either a couples romantic night or a family affair . 

  The food comes by Fedex and is very well packed and anything meat is covered with ice packs so nothing goes bad before you can get it put up. Here is how the food came wrapped in a silver insulated bag beyond the ice packs inside.

Here is the food in the box and below shows how much food dinner for 6 is uncooked.

  As one can see there is plenty of food to make sure everyone is full. My only suggestions for improvement would be to have all the spices together. The garlic was hard to mi…

As with many people these days I am not one to be wanting to pay high bank fees or worry about the fear of forgetting what I have on hand and over drafting. There is also the security risk of dealing with a bank where one has to think of what could happen to your cash in a bank, whether it be place getting robbed , hacked or with the way the economy is bankruptcy and losing your cash. But on the other hand one wants if they can direct deposit their pay check. Most prepaid type cards have some a variety of fees , some of which one knows up front and others vary. For example some have a monthly fee for having account open that will be waved if one deposits so much in an account a month others the fee is there no matter how much one deposits. Very few let you pick your own design and most all charge extra for that but not They have tons of designs to choose from for free. I got to pick my own design for the card I tried out. I picked the Black Dragon and later my husba…

Smart Bones Giveaway

This review was written by Bargain Hound: I've had the pleasure of reviewing some new pet products from SmartBones. We were sent a bag of SmartChips and a bag of SmartFillets. Now, we have five dogs. Yes, you read that right. Five dogs. And four of them are Chihuahuas. One of our Chihuahuas (Noah) and Sammy, our 30+ lb non-Chihuahua mutt, like the bigger bones and bigger treats, while we usually prefer smaller treats for our other three Chihuahuas, as they are quite tiny. Cody is a year old and just 5 lbs. When I opened the packages, I didn't think any of them were too large for any of our dogs, even little Cody. I bet even cats if you cut the fillets down would love the treats. I gave them these treats over two different nights, as I didn't want them to overload on treats.As too many treats at a tme is not the best which is why they have a serving size. The first night, I gave them the SmartFillets. All five dogs went nuts over these! They were quite…

Mia Mariu Giveaway

This review was written by Bargain Hound: Oh how I love reviewing beauty products! This review is for makeup from Mia Mariu. A little about Mia Mariu:The Mia Mariu philosophy makes the connection between beauty and health in harmony. Mia Mariu’s high performance products are formulated with the most natural ingredients available helping you achieve vibrant beauty and health inside and out. Each unique product fuses nature and technology by combining the highest quality botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and peptides. The result is healthy products that provide a perfect balance that reflects itself through youthful, healthy, beautiful, glowing skin and renewed energy and vitality, at an exceptional value. When I received my package from Mia Mariu, I received a Uniquely You Touch-Up Kit, a Petite Detail Brush and three Hydrating Stick Glosses (Retail Value $109). I like neutral colors, and I chose the lip glosses in Tango, Capricho and Granada. First, I will say …

What being a blogger means to me

I know many people blog for different reasons. Some because they like a place to vent off steam, some to talk about products they like and others for recipes or sales.

  Myself , the main reason why I do this (even though sometimes life gets in the way of me blogging as much as I want) is that I want to feel useful by earning things to at least make up the monthly cost of the internet and things that catch my fancy be it rants, recipes or reviews and giveaways.

  I got the idea to start blogging when I saw folks do awesome things with their blogs. After over a year I am still working on how to better my blog so I can get more things to review as there are so many things I want to try for myself, or for my husband or 4 children.

  I have had things assumed about me and my family that are not true. I hate not being able to hold a job outside of the household and my other half does have an income even if we do not have much money for extras. We get all the bills paid the beginning of ever…

Bacon Ranch Pasta

Ever have those days where you are wondering what to make for dinner that will not take forever? Kids yelling they are hungry or they want something new? This recipe takes under 30 minutes to make and can be changed up a bit depending on what you have on hand or tastes.It also hits most food groups.

12 Ounces Egg Noodles <whole wheat>
1 pound your choice of lean beef, chicken or pork. Cut into small pieces or ground.
1 cup bacon ranch dressing
1 1/2 cups diced tomatoes
1 cup grated cheddar cheese.

Cook the eggs noodles until done. While they are cooking cook the meat,tomatoes and ranch until the meat is done. Drain the noodles and then add to the meat mixture. Mix thoroughly and sprinkle cheese on top.

Serving size is about a cup and a half. Made 10 servings for my family. It can be played around with and is extremely simple to make. Tastes great to.

Bart's Cookies Giveaway

Enter to win Bart's Cookies a dozen fresh baked cookies of your choice delivered to you. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Barts Cookies

Just recently, Ihad the chance to try some of the best cookies I've ever had delivered to my door. I  received them from, and they became a quick hit with my family. It took a little bit longer than expected to get them only because my mailman had given them to my downstairs neighbor. As you can see, they came nicely boxed, bagged, and surrounded  by packing peanuts to keep the cookies safe

I  received a dozen of the milk chocolate, a dozen of the white chocolate with macadamia nuts, and a 1/2 dozen of the dark and milk chocolate cookies. I was hoping to try the peanut butter ones, but there is always the next time. 

    You might think these cookies were best suited for special occasions where one needs something special to make things stand out, but why not any time you want fresh baked cookies mailed to your door? Even though these cookies cost more than those you might find for sale in your local grocery store, I think they are worth the price.
    Sadly, when …

About the EBT/ fast food place debate

Now I have seen in a few places people knocking places or people that use EBT or cash benefits to get fast food without knowing why people do it .

   Yes there are folks that need to use that option if they want to eat. For those that are homeless that get help they very well can not cart a bunch of food around with them.Being able to get a hot meal can be a huge spirit picker upper. Because not all are homeless because they have chosen to because of drug habits . There are families that are homeless because of out of control things or inability to afford housing. There are those with mental issues that landlords will not rent to, that can go towards families with many landlords not wanting to rent to those with children. There are a few that prefer to live like that but that is in the minority. And if you have no home you can't cook or keep much in food so that is helpful for those in that condition.

   There are people that for short term or long term may not have a fridge or …

Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum

I got this unique  product to sample as I am all about trying to make the outside look as healthy as possible even though it  may not be doable on the inside. Now I hate wearing mascara and after 4 children at the age of 35 my lashes have started to thin out some. Having fine hair as is just makes them harder to see.

   Now with the sticker price of $139 I was thinking well this is kind of pricey till I compared prices to other methods. It equals out to about $20 per month which if you use the best mascara can be up to $49 a bottle. Other methods can cost even more and can be harder to get as prescription based so you have the added cost of the doctor also.

  I found this best to use as recommended the one time a day. Not only does it make it last a long time there is no chance of getting too much on and chancing any bad reactions. Best time is to put it on is at night because with your eyes closed it can work better and you don't have to worry about rubbing your eyes before y…

RockStar White Tooth Whitening kit

I got in the ail to try out a few weeks ago this toothwhitening get Rockstar White.I thought to myself well my oldest has been complaining about her teeth and this was all natural so after I showed her she fell in love with the stuff and tried it. The stuff is definitely worth the price though they do sell on their website along with Amazon.

  The tray is easy to use and even though it can be used by more than 1 person for sanitary reasons keep 1 kit per person. I loved the fact that it comes with Vitamin E even if it work better if it came in a lil bottle and you got the cotton swaps yourself. The swabs did not work and to be honest there is not enough for the 27 uses the tube says its good for.

  The tube that is used for the gel itself is awesome so much easier to get the right amount this way.My daughter in using this only found out that she was more prone to drooling and had to remind herself not to eat for a certain amount of time. All in all a decent product for the price ju…


Debbie Does Deals s pleased to join Tammie's Reviews, Giveaways and More in bringing you this awesome giveaway which is being sponsored byHasbro           You can read Tammie's review of the game .  Family Game Night is an activity Hasbro has introduced to help bring families together.  So busy are our daily lives that we forget what is important....FAMILY.Games are a fun way for you to spend time with your friends, bond with your kids or just let your kids have fun.This giveaway will be live from 7/12 to 7/24, starting and ending at 7 p.m. 1 person will win a Magic Jinn Game. This giveaway is open to US only.  All entries will be verified.  Please enter using the easy Giveaway Tools widget below and Good Luck to you. Disclosure- Great things for Familiesis not responsible for prize fulfillment nor was an compensation exchanged.  For helping to promote this giveaway, I did receive a link(s) on the widget.  For any question…

Moving is hard

Whoever thought anything in moving could be easy was very wrong. Recently my household moved 900 miles to get away from a variety of things that was bringing my household down.

  To start off with finding a place within a month across states is hard as many will not rent unless they can meet you in person or have a ton of references. Now if your going from buying a place back to renting you do not have a landlord. And if you have pets you need to make sure place will rent if you have children and pets. It may not be legal for landlords not to rent to those with kids but it happens.

  Next is always the income issue if your on a fixed income. I just had someone ask me online if my husband was a retard because he is on SSD and told him to get a job because he was tired of supporting welfare bums. No not on welfare being disabled is something different and he earned the money he is getting. Though him needing to take care of me and the children can make life rough.

   Sorting out what you c…

Kitty Gritter body scrub and Rub my Tummy body cream

I must say getting these two items in my mail to try out made my week , even my month as I love bath stuff and everything from the packaging to the smell and feel of the two things.

  I got a sample of body scrub called Kitty Gritter and one of Rub my tummy body lotion. They came in a cute mesh bag that could be used to store little things or a bar of soap.I think HoneyCat Cometics have great lines of products that I think should come in bigger sizes. Now on to the great part of the products themselves.

 Kitty Gritter is a gold colored body scrub that some may not like the color but I think it is perfect fitting how rich this is. The smell of peaches and cream along with the sugar texture makes one wish it was edible. Just a small amount used makes your skin soft, silky and smelling a treat. I used this as both a body scrub and a helper in shaving my legs.Perfect texture, beautiful lather and a smell that made me hungry. After I got done washing and dried off the smell still lasted …

How not to get a tip / Repeat service

Now going out for time alone for my husband and me is a rarity something we usually plan out and have a preset spending limit as we have children and on a fixed income. Sometimes depending on other factors like parking in downtown Chattanooga is hard makes it a big decider in our decisions. Here is what can happen from a spur of the moment idea.

   I had to have surgery on the 17th of April to see why I kept having pain in my lower stomach area. So my husband the 14th decides we have enough since I had a some extra cash and a coupon for us to go out to dinner at TGIF downtown which is the city's only location.

    After hunting about 15 minutes to find a parking space which is good as finding parking downtown is a miracle some days. We park and walk the few blocks to the restaurant. Going in at about 7:30pm  we see the place is kind of quiet which was good because we wanted to relax and not think of everything we had to do in the upcoming week. After about 10 minutes we finally ha…

Natures Flavors

Recently I got in the mail to try a bunch of natural food products. The first being a 5 pack of natural food coloring.The timing for this was perfect as my youngest wanted a colorful cake for her birthday was the day before Easter and I had no food coloring in the house. The bottles that came are 2 ounce glass bottles which means they can be reused or recycled after  all the colors are used. My only fault is the fact you need to get your own dropper as not using 1 can be rather messy. As far as the colors themselves using the color chart to get the right shades that is easy to use and understand. The cake I made using the colors came out beautifully. There was no issues cleaning the colored frosting and no worries about weird reactions some fake dyes cause. Everyone loved the cake and I even colored the cake mix itself to blueberry color it though I was going for more of a grape color.

 Next on the list of things to try was all natural Cherry mouthwash. My kids I had to remind it wa…

MM8 for women's problems

I recently got a MM8 for period pain to try out. It is a product put out by Lady Care towards a more natural relief of some of the problems us women get. It is a pear shaped devise for the main part and a smaller button shaped magnet that helps hold the main part on.

  Currently I had my teenage daughter try it out as due to health reasons I could not try it out. As she also has many of the symptoms that this is meant to help with from pain , crankiness and bloating to name a few.

  She had been wearing the device for about a week now. Other than the getting used to wearing it as many folks are not used to wearing something like that. She has been telling me she is hurting less in that area but she has noticed she has been getting more frequent headaches. Which may be from that or the fact she also repainted her room.

  I am awaiting the dr to clear me to try this lovely product though I see for best affects it takes a bit of wearing to get best effect. This in itself has good point…

Spare One Emergency Phone

I recently got this phone in the mail . It yes is much larger than many current cell phones but it is so much better that it is that way. As one can see it it powered by a AA battery which makes it perfect seeing what it is.          

Spare One which comes from is an emergency phone to use when one  needs it. Since it is battery powered there is no need to worry about a charger, power or anything other than turning it on. Since it is bright and big it can not be easily lost. Also it comes in a sealable waterproof bag so it can even be used in wet conditions. My favorite part is not only can it be used as just a 911 call one can add a Sim card and use it as a prepaid phone and use it off 1 battery for up to 10 hours. That is great if your in many situations. A few examples being broke down in the middle of nowhere or like where I live a tornado and you need to get a hold of loved ones to let them know you are safe.

Some may or may not think the price is expensive …

Funzee's Fun PJ's for Adults


   I must say on here about a website called Funzee and it had  pajamas and fun robes for adults I had to go check it out. Because onesies are not just for children anymore and are great to keep one warm. Funzee is a great site based out of Kansas city and has a very fast shipping on their orders.

  As they have a unique selection of items from the pajamas, gowns , socks and something I think is amazing Funskin which covers one from head to toe. I personally think they have an awesome selection and a good value for the quality and price.Though they can only be bought online at current time I hope they eventually will spread out to stores as they add designs as I think this is a perfect gift or just something to snuggle in.

  Myself I picked out the Wizard robe as I loved the wizard design and wanted something I could wear after getting out of the tub and lounging around the house. I ordered medium as I figured since I am not a tiny person even though I'm short. It fits beautifully.…

Buster sock giveaway

Wearever underclothes and Buster Brown socks

Now as a 34 married mom of 4 there are some things I never thought about having at this age. I already knew with my sensitivity to normal socks finding a good sock that I could wear was a challenge. I never expected to have a problem with feminine leakage as I thought that was for much older women.

   Other than the normal awkwardness of buying suck products and not being very comfortable or facing the challenge of sudden clothes changes I found Wearever products. I was lucky to be able to test out a pair of the black lacy ones the site has. Not only do they have many nice styles for men or women the pair I got was much more comfortable than I thought it would be. Not only are these cheaper to buy than disposable they are good for the environment. My best suggestion for myself for future purchases is to buy a larger package as 1 is just not enough for someone with asthma and my issues. My only suggestion for this type of product is to have more …

New Year New You giveaway

In taking in most people resolution's of losing weight here is a small giveaway to help with that goal. 3 winners will each win a bottle of HCG 1234 along with support in aiding them with that goal.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

New year New You

After finishing the 90 day challenge I admit that some things that cheated my progress as far as losing weight on this. The hardest part of any diet is keeping track of calories and drinking enough water. When I started this I had high hopes of a good weight loss not thinking that losing inches and losing weight can be two different things.

  The diet I did was the hcg1234 diet where you take 10 drops 3 times a day by putting under your tongue. Perfect for those that have troubles swallowing pills. This is the easy part though the dispersal method of an alcohol base may make this diet not work for some.Not eating or drinking anything for 10 minutes before and after taking was simple also. A little notepad to keep track of varies things like fluid intake and calories ate make the diet easier.

 Many people think the only way of getting healthy is by how much they weigh. This is only partly true as its how much fat versus muscle that makes the biggest impact. One can lose inches at the…