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Parenting a right or a priveledge

I have been sitting here thinking about many things in my life, friends,family , loved ones . I have gotten behind in my blogging due to life changes.

  One thing that has really gotten to me lately has been the topic of parental rights. People that say they love their children yet decide they do not want to be their other half and then use the children some of whom never actually wanted to be parents in the first place as hostages.

    If a couple is married one party can pick up and leave taking the children and many times the other half can not do much because if the law does ANYTHING at all it is considered custodial interference. In most cases regardless of who is the most fit parent the mother gets custody unless the father is military then the mother gets the screw.

  Once the parent gets custody if they choose they can cut off all contact, get cash they don't use for the children on child support or even move or withhold any contact with the child or children.

  I have frien…