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Matcha DNA Green Tea

This month I was able to ty something I never knew exsisted till recently. Now I am a huge tea lover and its not just the basic blacks I like its the herbal blends and the green teas. Other than the crystalized tea one uses to make iced tea I thought all tea had to be made by bag, strainer or flowering teas so the idea of a powdered green tea that could be used in multiple forms interested me.

  Matcha DNA sent me a bag of 34 little bags to try out. I read the intructions and first went well why do I have to heat the cup up first. I found out the hard way it does make a difference on heating the cup up first. The cup I did not preheat before making the powder did not disolve fully and stayed as a slurry in the bottom. I added more hot water and ended up with a second cup of tea and that fixed it.

Matcha DNA green tea
My favorite way of drinking this tea is to add a touch of honey. Not only is drinking green tea good for your health adding the touch of honey helps sooth your throat in t…

TeeSpring cusom shirts for fun or non profit

This website is easy and simple to use to order custom shirts that you can design. Whether it be a big job or medium job as the lowest end they  this is the perfect place for you to go. The possiblities are endless.

  The best part about this there is no out of pocket cost as the shirts are not printed until the total amount is sold and one can launch a campaign for up to three weeks. You can still have shirts sold past your goal and not worry about not having enough or too little which is great if your non profit like a school or for a cause.

 The steps at TeeSpring are very simple. One picks out the type of shirt , then the color of the shirt. Sizing is taken care of when each person orders. After picking out the text both style and wording , one sets the price for the shirt over the cost of making it so can make money towards the goal one is trying to make,

  I personally launched a campaign to go towards something near and dear to my heart. Pancreatic cancer awareness as my mother … Gourmet meals you can do at home

Sometimes one wants a special meal but one doesn't want to go out. Plated has that solution with a simple gourmet meal one can make at home for about $10 a plate. The food comes in sets of two and the instructions are easy to follow. I picked out the Orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabi. The ordering process was easy and they have been having deals where you can try the first box for free from them.Plated . This way you can make your meal either a couples romantic night or a family affair . 

  The food comes by Fedex and is very well packed and anything meat is covered with ice packs so nothing goes bad before you can get it put up. Here is how the food came wrapped in a silver insulated bag beyond the ice packs inside.

Here is the food in the box and below shows how much food dinner for 6 is uncooked.

  As one can see there is plenty of food to make sure everyone is full. My only suggestions for improvement would be to have all the spices together. The garlic was hard to mi…

As with many people these days I am not one to be wanting to pay high bank fees or worry about the fear of forgetting what I have on hand and over drafting. There is also the security risk of dealing with a bank where one has to think of what could happen to your cash in a bank, whether it be place getting robbed , hacked or with the way the economy is bankruptcy and losing your cash. But on the other hand one wants if they can direct deposit their pay check. Most prepaid type cards have some a variety of fees , some of which one knows up front and others vary. For example some have a monthly fee for having account open that will be waved if one deposits so much in an account a month others the fee is there no matter how much one deposits. Very few let you pick your own design and most all charge extra for that but not They have tons of designs to choose from for free. I got to pick my own design for the card I tried out. I picked the Black Dragon and later my husba…