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Loving Life and Living on Less: Amazing Bow-Tique By Coco

Loving Life and Living on Less: Amazing Bow-Tique By Coco: Review and Giveaway! I’m excited to share my recent hand-made find! I love purchasing handmade quality gifts and items and I came acros...

Country Bob giveaway

Win 2 bottles of awesome sauce that you can use to flavor anything whether it be meat, veggies or pasta

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Country Bob's Sauce

Today I got in my mail to try out 2 bottles of Country Bob's all purpose sauce. To start out with I think they packaged in a novel way with the packaging being recycled paper.

  On getting the bottles out of the box I had to test try it and I must say I loved it. I am a big fan of steak sauce as I cook a lot of meat and this is the best i have ever tried even better that the stuff they use at steakhouses. I can't wait to try some of the other things they carry like the BBQ sauce or the seasoning salt as my other half loves using that. Country Bob's seems to ha a little bit of everything from sauce to salt even cookbooks and clothes.I myself want the gift pack to try all the types they have.

  Foodwise tonight I used some of the sauce on my steak I had for dinner. It greatly helped disguise the fact my daughter's 17 yr old boyfriend over-spiced and over cooked it. Before then I used it to create the meat sauce I am using as a base for a pasta sauce for my oldest turni…

90 day Challenge

A little bit about me to start off with. I am a 34 year old married mom of 4 from Chattanooga, Tn.As in the case of many mothers my weight has slowly crept up on me to its current weight.Between caring for my kids , my 6 cats and 3 puppies along with college I don't get much time to relax much less workout like I should. I am 4'11" and around 185 pounds. I used to at one point be a size 8 am now in a 14/16. I have tried diets before but they never worked either due to side effects or really wacky ways of following it .At current time I am hoping and working at losing between 50 to 60 pounds.

  I heard about this one program 90 Day weight Challenge and decided to check it out. On the suggestions of the person I talked with I plan on doing the hCG 1234 one. The reason I like this beyond one can be more aggressive on the weight loss one can pick various levels of calorie intake.Since I am very active between cleaning my house and running errands and such I need a higher …

1K FB Fan giveaway

I am so happy that I finally hit 1K fans on my page Debbie Does Deals I am doing a Mystery box giveaway. One of the items will be a holiday themed tart block from Scentsy. Everything else will be full sized and be fun for you. a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have 6 items that are in the box now :) waiting for my winner at the end of the week. Good for you or gifts for those you love.



Van's Natural Foods

The first thing I must say about the foods from the brand of Van's is I wish they came in the bakery section. The reason why is this when I picked up 2 types of waffles, waffle sticks,pancakes and 3 packages of  English muffins my kids wanted to tear into the food at once until I told them they had to wait till they got home.

  On getting home within 2 days they finished everything except the muffins because they loved how they tasted. The types of waffles had been apple cinnamon and Belgium, though spouse was upset he did not get to try any of the waffles so I had to go back and buy him another package. Myself all I got to try had been the muffins and loved the taste even if I'm not a big fan of frozen muffins. 

 As far as the ingredients they are all natural and I had originally thought that would make them taste off as some do but these are great. The only thing it took getting used to is the muffins seem to have a higher fiber content than I am used to.Another good facto…

10,000 Fans Amazing Tammy's Review

As Tammy's Review's is celebrating a big goal there are some awesome prizes you could win on entering. 4 prizes
1)Pet Smart is supplying a Gift Basket filled with cat and dog toys and some cat food too! PetSmart is the go to place for all your pets needs!
2)RewardIt is providing a $25 Gift Card RewardIt is a web site where they offer sweepstakes and contests

3)Imusa is providing a Bristro 4 cup electric espresso maker with white cups as pictured above( the machine) imusa is a company that offers products to make your world easier. They offer a wide arrange of products from cooking to others.

4)Paper Coterie  is supplying a code for $42 to use on their site and it comes with FREE shipping on what ever you order!!!
The Event will be live from 10/1 at 9 p.m. to 10/22 at 9 p.m. The Giveaway Tools widget is very easy to use, just follow as it prompts you....It will not let you enter an entry if you did not do what it is asking for. If you have any problems or need to ask a question...…