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Bart's Cookies Giveaway

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Barts Cookies

Just recently, Ihad the chance to try some of the best cookies I've ever had delivered to my door. I  received them from, and they became a quick hit with my family. It took a little bit longer than expected to get them only because my mailman had given them to my downstairs neighbor. As you can see, they came nicely boxed, bagged, and surrounded  by packing peanuts to keep the cookies safe

I  received a dozen of the milk chocolate, a dozen of the white chocolate with macadamia nuts, and a 1/2 dozen of the dark and milk chocolate cookies. I was hoping to try the peanut butter ones, but there is always the next time. 

    You might think these cookies were best suited for special occasions where one needs something special to make things stand out, but why not any time you want fresh baked cookies mailed to your door? Even though these cookies cost more than those you might find for sale in your local grocery store, I think they are worth the price.
    Sadly, when …

About the EBT/ fast food place debate

Now I have seen in a few places people knocking places or people that use EBT or cash benefits to get fast food without knowing why people do it .

   Yes there are folks that need to use that option if they want to eat. For those that are homeless that get help they very well can not cart a bunch of food around with them.Being able to get a hot meal can be a huge spirit picker upper. Because not all are homeless because they have chosen to because of drug habits . There are families that are homeless because of out of control things or inability to afford housing. There are those with mental issues that landlords will not rent to, that can go towards families with many landlords not wanting to rent to those with children. There are a few that prefer to live like that but that is in the minority. And if you have no home you can't cook or keep much in food so that is helpful for those in that condition.

   There are people that for short term or long term may not have a fridge or …

Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum

I got this unique  product to sample as I am all about trying to make the outside look as healthy as possible even though it  may not be doable on the inside. Now I hate wearing mascara and after 4 children at the age of 35 my lashes have started to thin out some. Having fine hair as is just makes them harder to see.

   Now with the sticker price of $139 I was thinking well this is kind of pricey till I compared prices to other methods. It equals out to about $20 per month which if you use the best mascara can be up to $49 a bottle. Other methods can cost even more and can be harder to get as prescription based so you have the added cost of the doctor also.

  I found this best to use as recommended the one time a day. Not only does it make it last a long time there is no chance of getting too much on and chancing any bad reactions. Best time is to put it on is at night because with your eyes closed it can work better and you don't have to worry about rubbing your eyes before y…