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Net 10.. More like Net 0

I started with Net 10 phone service not quite a year ago come this February. My reasoning when I got the phone was I wanted a way for my children, their schools and anyone else needed to get in touch with us if we had to go out. The phone and the service I had gotten at the time was a great deal I believe I paid $25 for my blackberry type phone and had while down there got 200 mins a month for either $10 or $15 a month I forget .

  Then in July 2013 we moved back up to NY and for a few months I kept the same number but then noticed some places would not pick up or call back a long distance number. There popped up my first hassle with the company. I had gotten told I would need a new SIM card so they could give me a NY exchange number so I waited patiently. To my surprise when they swapped the number they forgot to give me my remaining minutes but after calling them back from another phone an internet based ones I was able to get my minutes back with a semi hassle.

   Come December t…

Tailgate Bash

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL?! If you’re like us, you love watching football and rooting for your favorite team! Also, if you’re like us, you like to root in style!

Along with a great group of bloggers, Coping With Frugality, Joy Of Momma Joyner and Woven By Words are bringing you this Tailgate Bash giveaway to celebrate! Here’s what ONE WINNER will receive:

With all these great prizes, people are sure to know what team you're rooting for! have a blast at any Tailgate Bash!
This prize package is worth $337 and is open to all legal residents of the United State who are 18-years-old or older. Just enter on the simple Giveaway Tools Form below. The more entries completed, the better your chances of winning! Best Of Luck!