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How not to get a tip / Repeat service

Now going out for time alone for my husband and me is a rarity something we usually plan out and have a preset spending limit as we have children and on a fixed income. Sometimes depending on other factors like parking in downtown Chattanooga is hard makes it a big decider in our decisions. Here is what can happen from a spur of the moment idea.

   I had to have surgery on the 17th of April to see why I kept having pain in my lower stomach area. So my husband the 14th decides we have enough since I had a some extra cash and a coupon for us to go out to dinner at TGIF downtown which is the city's only location.

    After hunting about 15 minutes to find a parking space which is good as finding parking downtown is a miracle some days. We park and walk the few blocks to the restaurant. Going in at about 7:30pm  we see the place is kind of quiet which was good because we wanted to relax and not think of everything we had to do in the upcoming week. After about 10 minutes we finally ha…

Natures Flavors

Recently I got in the mail to try a bunch of natural food products. The first being a 5 pack of natural food coloring.The timing for this was perfect as my youngest wanted a colorful cake for her birthday was the day before Easter and I had no food coloring in the house. The bottles that came are 2 ounce glass bottles which means they can be reused or recycled after  all the colors are used. My only fault is the fact you need to get your own dropper as not using 1 can be rather messy. As far as the colors themselves using the color chart to get the right shades that is easy to use and understand. The cake I made using the colors came out beautifully. There was no issues cleaning the colored frosting and no worries about weird reactions some fake dyes cause. Everyone loved the cake and I even colored the cake mix itself to blueberry color it though I was going for more of a grape color.

 Next on the list of things to try was all natural Cherry mouthwash. My kids I had to remind it wa…