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MM8 for women's problems

I recently got a MM8 for period pain to try out. It is a product put out by Lady Care towards a more natural relief of some of the problems us women get. It is a pear shaped devise for the main part and a smaller button shaped magnet that helps hold the main part on.

  Currently I had my teenage daughter try it out as due to health reasons I could not try it out. As she also has many of the symptoms that this is meant to help with from pain , crankiness and bloating to name a few.

  She had been wearing the device for about a week now. Other than the getting used to wearing it as many folks are not used to wearing something like that. She has been telling me she is hurting less in that area but she has noticed she has been getting more frequent headaches. Which may be from that or the fact she also repainted her room.

  I am awaiting the dr to clear me to try this lovely product though I see for best affects it takes a bit of wearing to get best effect. This in itself has good point…

Spare One Emergency Phone

I recently got this phone in the mail . It yes is much larger than many current cell phones but it is so much better that it is that way. As one can see it it powered by a AA battery which makes it perfect seeing what it is.          

Spare One which comes from is an emergency phone to use when one  needs it. Since it is battery powered there is no need to worry about a charger, power or anything other than turning it on. Since it is bright and big it can not be easily lost. Also it comes in a sealable waterproof bag so it can even be used in wet conditions. My favorite part is not only can it be used as just a 911 call one can add a Sim card and use it as a prepaid phone and use it off 1 battery for up to 10 hours. That is great if your in many situations. A few examples being broke down in the middle of nowhere or like where I live a tornado and you need to get a hold of loved ones to let them know you are safe.

Some may or may not think the price is expensive …

Funzee's Fun PJ's for Adults


   I must say on here about a website called Funzee and it had  pajamas and fun robes for adults I had to go check it out. Because onesies are not just for children anymore and are great to keep one warm. Funzee is a great site based out of Kansas city and has a very fast shipping on their orders.

  As they have a unique selection of items from the pajamas, gowns , socks and something I think is amazing Funskin which covers one from head to toe. I personally think they have an awesome selection and a good value for the quality and price.Though they can only be bought online at current time I hope they eventually will spread out to stores as they add designs as I think this is a perfect gift or just something to snuggle in.

  Myself I picked out the Wizard robe as I loved the wizard design and wanted something I could wear after getting out of the tub and lounging around the house. I ordered medium as I figured since I am not a tiny person even though I'm short. It fits beautifully.…