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Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes

The best thing I have gotten to eat in a long time was the 1 of a kind cheesecakes this place has. There are many types that I never thought could be in a cheesecake but taste wonderful. As can be seen they come in a beautiful crate.

   Not only are they tasty but how they come are so crafty with how the packaging can be reused. Since they start out from the where they come from frozen they place them in a reusable styrofoam cooler , wrapped in a thermal wrap ,in a wooden crate , in glass jars. And there is also an ice pack. Everything except the thermal wrap can be reused in some way or another. The cooler can be perfect to bring your cold lunch somewhere. The icepack has endless uses. Use the wooden crate as a base for a gift basket or even storage space. My favorite reusable item is the very jars you get the cheesecake in. The size of the jars are perfect for bath salts, making your own candles or storing small things you could lose/ Now on to the main deal the cheesecakes them…

Krave Jerky review & Giveaway

Starting off when I looked at this site Krave Jerky I fell in love because I love jerky and all the flavors made it so much better.

I got to try and am able to giveaway to one of my readers a box with the same 5 flavors I got to sample. This is the juiciest jerky you will ever get to try. I used to think all jerky regardless if it was beef, pork or turkey was dry and you had to chew a long time to get the flavor with this the flavor hits you and keeps coming up at you.I just wish I could have tried the basil or pineapple ones to balance out the chili types more.

  Lemon Garlic my personal favorite of the bunch . It is a perfect blend of garlic and lemon with the turkey jerky which is funny if you say it fast. It's not too sweet and not too spicy so you could just sit there and eat the whole bag in one setting like I did.

  Smoky Grilled Teriyaki was a bit more sugary than I expected so I ended up giving that to my 16 year old daughter. It is very moist and tender for pork jerky just …

Sneaky Pete's

This I have to say is the most unique type of drink I have ever tried before. Not only because it is extremely low on calories it is good for your heart and has OATS in it yes you heard me Oats.This is a great way to sneak fiber in your diet without using extra and bad tasting supplements.

   I got 5 different flavors to try from Sneaky Petes even though I only got to try 3 of them as my oldest tried one then forgot to refridge it so that spoiled on her. The flavors are Apples Away, Grape Escape, Mango Mystique , Peach Perfection and Raspberry Burst. I did not get to try the apple or the raspberry. I did want to try to warm up the apple with some cinnamon and honey since its cool out. The raspberry also sounded like it would be good.

  My favorite of the 3 I did try would be the peach perfection, and I wish that came in gallon size. The flavor for that just burst on my tongue. The next flavor I tried i forgot to shake up well enough which was the mango so I got a full force taste o…

Lucky 107 makeup

When I saw one of my classmates for college had a website that sold hand packaged mineral makeup that was also vegan I had to try it out. So I messaged her about bought the Hallow's Eve set and the press kit for experienced media guru's. I was not disappointed when I finally got the makeup as it was all pretty and she even threw in some extras because there had been a delay in shipping.

  As can be seen even the samples are bigger than I expected when compared to the full sized product.One of the items I tried that I never heard of before then was the sample of the lotion bar. at first I thought " ohh nicely scented soap at a big size" after looking at the ingredients I finally figured out it was a moisturizer and on trying it I love it. It is a great way of adding lotion to your body and not having to worry about your hands getting covered in gunk you have to wipe off or extra lotion on your body. The scent I got was Harvest Moon and I loved the smell.

  As I ha…