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Silent Abuse

To start off with a little background about myself. I am a second generation
that suffered abuse from both a parent and a partner. My mother grew up with
a father who was sexually abusive. She then married a man to get away from her
father. This man over time sexually abused her from things he did and selling
her to his friends. I watched him beat her and having his friends “accidentally”
crawl into my bed some nights. As I told my family about being touched I was
blamed for just being nice that it was my fault. My first child was from a friend
of the family as I had learned it was expected if a guy liked me I had to let that
guy do whatever.

I got kicked out and was living with a family member with my baby for no real reason. I ended up
talking to a guy on a chat line who seemed nice. The first time I dated him he asked me to marry
him. I said yes because he seemed nice and acted like a gentleman. The marriage was kind of rushed
because by the time I had been with him for a year …