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Great deals or duds?

Everywhere I look I see things on how one can buy something extremely cheap like say Amazon as that is currently my pet peeve after checking out some of the "great deals" I have been reading about.

 Biggest example is all those items that are under a $ perhaps as cheap as a penny. Great deal you think and start loading up your cart. Even better if you are a member of prime and get free shipping right?

  And then you get to checkout and that uber cheap item comes with a $6 to $7 charge per items , they don't discount for multiple items or eligible for Prime. So that idea of getting say 10 things total could cost you upwards of $100 and you think your saving because they say the original price is so much higher. Your not actually saving anything because the quality of most things are a cross between dollar store and Walmart costume.

   Then depending on where is coming from it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months if you ever get it. If you don't or if its …