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Happy Holidays

First off I am going to wish everyone a Happy holidays no matter which one they celebrate. It is a time for it seems to be more often these days of how much you spend on a person not the thought. Many have given up the idea behind Christmas cards which can be a way of showing others you care or a good way to catch up family photos. The holiday season has always been a time where one sees in the news how everyone does extra for those in need. 

   Myself , I have a simple plea for my readers that may not in the course of the day outside this time of the year think about. Don't just give during the holidays, food banks are always in need. If every family just spent $5 - 10 a week on non perishable food to donate to a church or food bank it would be rare them not being able to help for running out of food. Donate decent shape clothes one does not wear to places that help those in need of clothes. Or even something simple like having extra water to hand out to the homeless you see beg…

90 day weight loss challenge HCG drops

It started out great . The drops are easy to swallow and the bottles they come in are perfect to reuse to put massage oils or any liquid in. I have lost inches all over my body in the first few weeks and the biggest was going down 4 inches in my waist. My biggest suggestion for improvement at this point is adding something to take away the alcohol flavor. The method of the weight loss helper by under the tongue is a novel one as most diet aids come in pill form. This is ideal for those that want diet helpers in a more concentrated or liquid form as most diet pills are huge. Another good thing about this is I have not noticed and side effects like those that have caffeine as the caffeine has made me pass out from those. At current time I am still doing the diet though my weight and waist size have gone up due to medical issues that will have me in the hospital on Dec 20th. I am still losing inches in other needed areas. I know what was added will quickly come back off. This is …

Diet Doc Pre-Packaged Weight Loss

Diet Doc Steak Soup – 20 calories per serving – just add meat and vegetables _ my favorite of all the soups I just added some lean steak and carrots. Fairly filling

 Diet Doc Hot & Sour Soup – 20 calories per serving – just add tofu or chicken The hot & sour soup was a bit more complicated than expected as I precooked the chicken and added an egg which I had to swirl in the hot soup. Normally I love this type of soup
 Diet Doc Chicken Gumbo – Add chicken and vegetables Was not that bad but I still liked the steak best.

These soups though fairly good are not exactly what I expected. I was hoping more for something you added water and cooked. For these you have to buy extra ingredients , soak and cook. Depending on what you add it can affect the calories and other nutrient values. This is great when you have the time to prep but not the greatest for a quick meal on the go unless you premake it. 
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