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New Year New You giveaway

In taking in most people resolution's of losing weight here is a small giveaway to help with that goal. 3 winners will each win a bottle of HCG 1234 along with support in aiding them with that goal.

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New year New You

After finishing the 90 day challenge I admit that some things that cheated my progress as far as losing weight on this. The hardest part of any diet is keeping track of calories and drinking enough water. When I started this I had high hopes of a good weight loss not thinking that losing inches and losing weight can be two different things.

  The diet I did was the hcg1234 diet where you take 10 drops 3 times a day by putting under your tongue. Perfect for those that have troubles swallowing pills. This is the easy part though the dispersal method of an alcohol base may make this diet not work for some.Not eating or drinking anything for 10 minutes before and after taking was simple also. A little notepad to keep track of varies things like fluid intake and calories ate make the diet easier.

 Many people think the only way of getting healthy is by how much they weigh. This is only partly true as its how much fat versus muscle that makes the biggest impact. One can lose inches at the…