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This review was written by Bargain Hound: smartbone1 I've had the pleasure of reviewing some new pet products from SmartBones. We were sent a bag of SmartChips and a bag of SmartFillets. Now, we have five dogs. Yes, you read that right. Five dogs. And four of them are Chihuahuas. One of our Chihuahuas (Noah) and Sammy, our 30+ lb non-Chihuahua mutt, like the bigger bones and bigger treats, while we usually prefer smaller treats for our other three Chihuahuas, as they are quite tiny. Cody is a year old and just 5 lbs. When I opened the packages, I didn't think any of them were too large for any of our dogs, even little Cody. I bet even cats if you cut the fillets down would love the treats. smartbone2 I gave them these treats over two different nights, as I didn't want them to overload on treats.As too many treats at a tme is not the best which is why they have a serving size. The first night, I gave them the SmartFillets. All five dogs went nuts over these! They were quite funny with them, too. They each took their precious chicken SmartFillet and found their own little spot to enjoy it by themselves. Every single dog loved their SmartFillets. I liked them because they are not just chicken but also have sweet potatoes in them. And you can really smell the sweet potatoes in them. In fact, when I took one out of the package, the first thing I did was smell them, and I immediately said I could smell the sweet potatoes. Our dogs LOVE sweet potatoes, and they are good for them too! They were very chewy and it took the a while to eat them, which is a good thing, because it keeps them out of trouble, lol. I love giving them treats that are time consuming to eat. This is Annabelle and Maxi. (You will notice three of the male Chihuahuas are wearing their strap/belly bands from Paws To Admire, as they are markers!) smartbone3 And here's our 5 lb Cody, thoroughly enjoying his chewy SmartFillet treat! smartbone4 He was so funny to watch. Licking, nibbling, biting, chewing..... he was savoring this one! smartbone5 The next night, I gave them the SmartChips. SmartChips contain NO rawhide, are 99% digestible, and are made with real chicken. This means they are healthier as one never knows if rawhide will have bacteria in it. They loved these just as much as the SmartFillets the night before. They all quickly took the treat and went to their own little spaces to enjoy. And then they devoured them! This is Noah and Maxi, enjoying their SmartChips! smartbone6 When dogs don't like something, you can't fake it. There's no mistaking they loved these treats! smartbone7 Maxi was first in line :) smartbone8 I have to say that not only did every one of our five dogs LOVE all of their treats from SmartBones, but since they were so good for them, I enjoyed giving them to them. These are high quality pet treats and I plan on buying more of these for our dogs. We want our dogs to be with us as long as they can, so it's important to feed them food and treats that are healthy for them. I've bought other SmartBone products before, and our dogs have always loved their products, and I've always felt good about feeding them products from SmartBones. Do you have dogs? And would you like them to try a bag of SmartChips or SmartFillets? Because the wonderful people from SmartBones are offering one bag to two of my readers! One person will win a bag of SmartChips, and another person will win a bag of SmartFillets. This giveaway will run from 9/27 through 10/14. Open to US readers only. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below, to enter to win. Good luck to everyone! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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