Great deals or duds?

   Everywhere I look I see things on how one can buy something extremely cheap like say Amazon as that is currently my pet peeve after checking out some of the "great deals" I have been reading about.

 Biggest example is all those items that are under a $ perhaps as cheap as a penny. Great deal you think and start loading up your cart. Even better if you are a member of prime and get free shipping right?

  And then you get to checkout and that uber cheap item comes with a $6 to $7 charge per items , they don't discount for multiple items or eligible for Prime. So that idea of getting say 10 things total could cost you upwards of $100 and you think your saving because they say the original price is so much higher. Your not actually saving anything because the quality of most things are a cross between dollar store and Walmart costume.

   Then depending on where is coming from it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months if you ever get it. If you don't or if its broken they blame the post office. You would also think for the higher price shipping most places would at least box an item. Most of the time the cheap high postage items could have been sent for the price of a postage stamp or 2.

  So next time you think your getting a good deal look at the shipping, Check out their reviews and see what the materials actually are along with price compare the complete prices along with return policies before ordering.


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