First off let me begin by saying I never thought of myself as the type to be a regular at a bar much less a Dance/ Cabaret place. I've always hated bars, the noise, the crowds, rude folks and loud noise, not to mention the expense.After going to one for my 21st birthday and the random few times after I thought to myself"There's not a chance in Hades I'd ever go to a bar again." And even though I love hanging out with friends I'm scared of my own shadow at times to even say hello to new people.

   Now when earlier this year a friend invited us to go to Images with them and they said they would pay the cover I thought what the heck needed to get out of the house. Wasn't sure what to expect at the time since never been to that type of place. First thought well this was a fun experience to watch the show from my hiding place in a corner booth.

  This place was nothing like I expected a bar to be like. And you hear people say at times though they are wrong put downs from some that do not understand the place.I've been asked when I was going to get surgery to get my penis , that my other half had to be gay and many other slurs. It seems people think only gay people go to a bar that's considered a gay bar. this is not true straight , bi, lesbian, gay and those that do not deign to be forced into a classification go there. Myself I classify myself as not fitting into a classification. Now enough about me back to the place.

     Images is a great place where depending on the night it can be a small crew to standing room only at the place. The decor is perfect for the place with a patio outside that is covered and enclosed. There is also 2 small pools that add to the ambiance of the place. They do a great job of keeping the place clean and no worries about drama.And the drink prices ain't bad either.

  The staff there goes well above and beyond the job of making you feel at home there. You can go in there dressed normal or cross dress and they will treat you just the same. And you will have fun no matter how you felt when you first went in.Not only do they have the shows weekends they have Karaoke Thursday nights.

   Pete the doorman will greet you and ask you how you are doing and he means it. Chris well whom hold a special place in my heart has only been there a few weeks is a sweety on security. The bar staff of both Jeff's , Lee and Josh I can not begin to tell you how amazing they are and how caring they are to everyone who goes in. They are all reasons that I love being there and make my weekend such a high point.Can't forget Dub hidden away spinning the tunes that will make you want to dance.And Nick who does the cam/lights for the show.

  Next the entertainers which make up the biggest part of the place. I can only speak of the ones I have seen the most. Samantha the diva with the most and biggest heart I have ever seen can make you smile and laugh even when your at your darkest point. Fanny Mae has to be seen to believe some of the numbers she does are out of this world. Claire D'Shey is a big lover of doing Reba numbers. Allysa what can I say other than being extremely limber and does great moves. Danielle is sweet and can make you smile. There are many others that perform at times and they all have their unique quirks and special things that make the place perfect.

   Now I'm writing this as well I love the place. I haven't got anything for writing this other than the feeling of excitement over getting the word out. Just remember everyone needs a place they can call a home away from home and Images is mine.


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    1. It is that is why I like going there :) If it wasn't nice I'ld just site home

  2. I would love to have a drink on the enclosed patio on a nice cool night.

    1. It is nice out there listening to the water . You can still see parts of the sky and the pretty lights they have strung up

  3. Karaoke sounds like fun, I have always wanted to try that. I've never really gone to any places like this(even bars). Very glad you found such a wonderful home away from home. :)

  4. We looked and looked for our "home away from home" while we had moved hours away from family. Never really found one; glad you've found yours! They are special! It's the people that make the place though. ;)

  5. I have not tried goats milk soap, however I am open to try it if I win some.


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