90 day Challenge

     A little bit about me to start off with. I am a 34 year old married mom of 4 from Chattanooga, Tn.As in the case of many mothers my weight has slowly crept up on me to its current weight.Between caring for my kids , my 6 cats and 3 puppies along with college I don't get much time to relax much less workout like I should. I am 4'11" and around 185 pounds. I used to at one point be a size 8 am now in a 14/16. I have tried diets before but they never worked either due to side effects or really wacky ways of following it .At current time I am hoping and working at losing between 50 to 60 pounds.

  I heard about this one program 90 Day weight Challenge and decided to check it out. On the suggestions of the person I talked with I plan on doing the hCG 1234 one. The reason I like this beyond one can be more aggressive on the weight loss one can pick various levels of calorie intake.Since I am very active between cleaning my house and running errands and such I need a higher level plus I think that one works best as to keep up after I stop talking the plan.Most weight loss plans have one set of instructions and I love this has the different steps along with different types. I plan on doing weekly updates on how doing this diet makes me feel along with the weight loss it brings. This is the program I will be doing for my 90 day hcg1234 .


  1. Congrats on the commitment to a healthier life. Although this may not be an easy process (especially in the beginning) every day will eventually be easier and easier as you lose weight. You are going to have way more energy, motivation, and empowerment. Good luck along the way and let me know if there is any help or advice I can offer along the way.

    1. Thank you that is what i am hoping for beyond feeling better on how I look. Because frankly I consider being called BBW to be insulting to me


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