Happy Holidays

  First off I am going to wish everyone a Happy holidays no matter which one they celebrate. It is a time for it seems to be more often these days of how much you spend on a person not the thought. Many have given up the idea behind Christmas cards which can be a way of showing others you care or a good way to catch up family photos. The holiday season has always been a time where one sees in the news how everyone does extra for those in need. 

   Myself , I have a simple plea for my readers that may not in the course of the day outside this time of the year think about. Don't just give during the holidays, food banks are always in need. If every family just spent $5 - 10 a week on non perishable food to donate to a church or food bank it would be rare them not being able to help for running out of food. Donate decent shape clothes one does not wear to places that help those in need of clothes. Or even something simple like having extra water to hand out to the homeless you see begging for money. The ones that are  in need will never turn away food or water.

   Buy extra toys when they are on clearance in you can towards holiday time. That way every child can have at least one gift. You would be surprised at how many families their children only are able to eat 3 meals a day when school is in session. As someone who has had to use the food bank and needs extra help feeding my family. I also am proud to be able to not need help getting things like clothes, toys or jackets for my children. I just beg everyone to remember charity is all the time because if everyone cared to give just an extra bit this country would be in a better place. Feel free to share this blog as the more who see this the better.

   I wish everyone has a blessed holiday and cherish your family and friends. You never know what the future will hold or if someone you know will become someone in need of things most don't consider.


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