MM8 for women's problems

  I recently got a MM8 for period pain to try out. It is a product put out by Lady Care towards a more natural relief of some of the problems us women get. It is a pear shaped devise for the main part and a smaller button shaped magnet that helps hold the main part on.

  Currently I had my teenage daughter try it out as due to health reasons I could not try it out. As she also has many of the symptoms that this is meant to help with from pain , crankiness and bloating to name a few.

  She had been wearing the device for about a week now. Other than the getting used to wearing it as many folks are not used to wearing something like that. She has been telling me she is hurting less in that area but she has noticed she has been getting more frequent headaches. Which may be from that or the fact she also repainted her room.

  I am awaiting the dr to clear me to try this lovely product though I see for best affects it takes a bit of wearing to get best effect. This in itself has good points and bad points. The bad points are in must be worn all the time and it can show through clothes. The good is when it starts working it is very helpful.The cost of the product is $45 plus shipping . I am very thankful to get this to try but need to try this for longer to find the way to get it to work best for me.


  1. Thanks for sharing very awesome review!

  2. Luckily I don't get cramps or pain, but I can see this working for a few of my gf's! thanks

  3. I get horrible cramps that make me have to stay in bed, and with 2 kids 2 and under its so hard! I will be checking them out for sure!

  4. Thank you for sharing about this. L-


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