Funzee's Fun PJ's for Adults


   I must say on here about a website called Funzee and it had  pajamas and fun robes for adults I had to go check it out. Because onesies are not just for children anymore and are great to keep one warm. Funzee is a great site based out of Kansas city and has a very fast shipping on their orders.

  As they have a unique selection of items from the pajamas, gowns , socks and something I think is amazing Funskin which covers one from head to toe. I personally think they have an awesome selection and a good value for the quality and price.Though they can only be bought online at current time I hope they eventually will spread out to stores as they add designs as I think this is a perfect gift or just something to snuggle in.

  Myself I picked out the Wizard robe as I loved the wizard design and wanted something I could wear after getting out of the tub and lounging around the house. I ordered medium as I figured since I am not a tiny person even though I'm short. It fits beautifully. My children love it also or at least my 16 year old daughter does. 

  Another great fact is they welcome feedback as far as future designs go. Plus since they are all 100 percent cotton they are perfect for those that prefer natural textiles and those who are allergy prone. Of course the comfort and the roominess is beyond compare.I love mine and was very grateful for the chance to review as I love this company. You could even use some of the things from this company with very few add ons in costumes or plays.


  1. Oh my gosh I HAVE to get myself a pair! I'm always freezing at night (except my feet) & this is just perfect! Wild or Retro...decisions, decisions.

  2. I love the Funzee's I got the Retro Onsie, I can say onsies for adult are fun! Funzee' sooo comfy,and its fun to wear :)

  3. I LOVE these!!!! Ohhhh man would I love a pair for our camping trip to Yosemite!! I would be so warm!! Thanks for the review I'm headed there now.
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  4. I have been looking for some new PJ's, and these are so cute!

  5. These PJs are so cute! I love them! Thank you for introducing me to this great company!

  6. It looks super soft! I really like the purple and black :)


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