Natures Flavors

 Recently I got in the mail to try a bunch of natural food products. The first being a 5 pack of natural food coloring.The timing for this was perfect as my youngest wanted a colorful cake for her birthday was the day before Easter and I had no food coloring in the house. The bottles that came are 2 ounce glass bottles which means they can be reused or recycled after  all the colors are used. My only fault is the fact you need to get your own dropper as not using 1 can be rather messy. As far as the colors themselves using the color chart to get the right shades that is easy to use and understand. The cake I made using the colors came out beautifully. There was no issues cleaning the colored frosting and no worries about weird reactions some fake dyes cause. Everyone loved the cake and I even colored the cake mix itself to blueberry color it though I was going for more of a grape color.

 Next on the list of things to try was all natural Cherry mouthwash. My kids I had to remind it was mouthwash not a normal drink as it does not have the harsh taste many mouthwashes do. It smells and tastes good with 0 alcohol so it is beautiful. If you have children it is better to buy by the gallon as no one will need to remind their children to use after teeth brushing. And with their being a bubblegum type younger ones will be racing to use it.


  1. All things natural are the best for your family, thanks for the info.

  2. Yes they are and so much easier to clean up than fake dyes.


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