How not to get a tip / Repeat service

    Now going out for time alone for my husband and me is a rarity something we usually plan out and have a preset spending limit as we have children and on a fixed income. Sometimes depending on other factors like parking in downtown Chattanooga is hard makes it a big decider in our decisions. Here is what can happen from a spur of the moment idea.

   I had to have surgery on the 17th of April to see why I kept having pain in my lower stomach area. So my husband the 14th decides we have enough since I had a some extra cash and a coupon for us to go out to dinner at TGIF downtown which is the city's only location.

    After hunting about 15 minutes to find a parking space which is good as finding parking downtown is a miracle some days. We park and walk the few blocks to the restaurant. Going in at about 7:30pm  we see the place is kind of quiet which was good because we wanted to relax and not think of everything we had to do in the upcoming week. After about 10 minutes we finally had someone notice us and got us seated.

   At that point everything went downhill. Barely being seated we got asked what we wanted before even getting a chance to open the menu's or be asked what wanted for drink. Me I wanted a beer or mixed drink but instead choose water as did my spouse though I know he wanted soda.Of course not knowing about the specials  I would have ordered something different.After which I almost had to drag the waitress  back to the table as she never asked my husband how he wanted his burger or even if he wanted fries to go with. It is a good thing I like sweet potato fries as she did not ask me on what I wanted for side on my sandwich.

    I was not very happy at that point but figured we had the order in and I was hungry so stayed. The food came and my other half just picked off what he did not want and was semi happy the burger had plenty of Jack sauce to drown out the fact the burger was overcooked. Me I wasn't sure what to make of mine as it was much different than I thought.

   Getting full the check and a box is asked for. The waitress then tells me we need to order the whiskey cake , not even paying attention to the fact the check was asked for. I handed the person my stripes card and figured at like most places the check would be placed between us, nope was handed to my husband. I take out my card to pay for it , I hand the payment to the waitress . She then gives MY CARD to my husband , which had it been me dining with a friend very bad form. For some reason, more out of habit I still gave a tip.

    Yes I did complain on the FB fan page and had someone call back. I got got promised some coupons though at this point I'm beginning to wonder if they will show. Even so I have not figured out if I want to have that happen again to me. As compared to some of the other places we have dined at like IHOP< I love those folks more so late night everyone is very nice even if they are busy> am not sure if they can make up for being ordered about and not seemingly noticed as a customer, T.G.I. Friday's on Urbanspoon


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