Kitty Gritter body scrub and Rub my Tummy body cream

    I must say getting these two items in my mail to try out made my week , even my month as I love bath stuff and everything from the packaging to the smell and feel of the two things.

  I got a sample of body scrub called Kitty Gritter and one of Rub my tummy body lotion. They came in a cute mesh bag that could be used to store little things or a bar of soap.I think HoneyCat Cometics have great lines of products that I think should come in bigger sizes. Now on to the great part of the products themselves.

 Kitty Gritter is a gold colored body scrub that some may not like the color but I think it is perfect fitting how rich this is. The smell of peaches and cream along with the sugar texture makes one wish it was edible. Just a small amount used makes your skin soft, silky and smelling a treat. I used this as both a body scrub and a helper in shaving my legs.Perfect texture, beautiful lather and a smell that made me hungry. After I got done washing and dried off the smell still lasted for a few hours on my skin.

   Next I layered the lotion Rub my Tummy over my freshly dried skin because what goes best with a peaches and cream smell but milk and honey. My only complaint on looking on the sizes sold is there should be a bigger size because this sweet scent is perfect for everyone in the family to use. A good moisturizer is a staple to have in ones bathroom and bedroom.

  I love everything from this place just looking at the various things makes me open my wallet and empty it out. My only concern is shipping which I did not look much into other than the prices. But overall Honeycat has great all natural stuff for your body.


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