Eating out Destiny Mall..Syracuse, NY

  I'm going to compare and contrast the service that have received at Destiny that me and my other half have received the last 3 times have been able to get out. Will be talking about the 3 casual dining places as we would rather save for a better eating experience than fast food.

The first time we went there we had coupons for free appetizer coupons. So we got separate checks so we could each use one. We got seated at a booth fast and I told the waitress about needing separate checks and then placed our orders. The food took a long time to get there but what we got was great. Mozzarella sticks and Loaded potato skins. I did get the feeling they took their time making the food and checking on us for that reason even though the free food was from a gift given to me. The second time went there was on my anniversary and we never even got to eat there. Got told there was a wait of 15 mins for an almost empty place unless we sat at the bar which is hard with my height and needing a cane. Complained their response was to offer.. Guess what free appetizer cards. No thanks I had wanted to go there for burgers. Not going there again.

  Pizzeria Uno's -
The first time we went here was after the TGIF attempt fizzled out. We got seated fairly quick and then when I asked about drink specials got told they only had specials at the bar. We order our drinks and after 10 mins she comes back tells us there needs to be a new keg tapped but did not ask if we had been ready to order then walks away. In this time I see my drink sitting up on the bar and it sits there for about 20 mins before I finally get it. She only took my order after I asked to speak to a manager. I then hear her talk about my hair being funny colored as it is red with purple streaks. We finally get our food and the steak tips burnt on the outside,raw on the inside so I wonder how they cooked them. The pizza was perfection though. I am also used to being offered water if I get a drink with my meal or even asked if I want to order another drink. Second trip was a no starter , had to go to get my stepsons birthday gift and decided to get lunch before we went home. Get there the benches outside are full of bigger families and half the place was empty. Got told there was a wait didn't even get offered to sit at the bar here and when b/f asked about 1 of the good 8 empty tables got told they had been taken?? By ghosts I guess but that put them out of our eating.

  Ruby Tuesdays -
What can I say? I love them for many reasons. The service was great even though the place was fairly full we got seated with no issues. We got burgers and the salad bar. They are the best priced for burgers in the mall plus only place that has a salad bar. I personally love the little cheese biscuits they give you while you wait for your food , plus the salad bar is great and they keep it very clean. The server was nice and kept checking in and the burgers themselves was beautiful. The only slightly sour note was a few teens that walked in to hang out by their family and fries could have been more crispy. Above all this is our fav place to eat for the service, the price and the food.



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