Bella Candles beautiful candles but shady service

Now I'm not a fan of putting a company down unless they have truly bad service or I have had beyond a bad experience with them. EVEN though they have beautiful candles beware how they bill and ship.

I had been getting emails from them for a few months and back in June they had an offer of try one of 3 candles for just a $1 shipping. I thought it was a great treat to see if I liked them because I love candles as long as they have a decent scent and even more I love getting good surprises. As a mom of 3 teenage daughters the fact they had jewelry inside made it even better because not only could I make my house smell nice I could if I did not like the item or it did not fit I had 3 other people I could give it to.

So on June 10th I ordered the Paris candle which had a ring in it plus had the added benefit of being both a moisturizer and a massage oil which would help relax after a long day. So the hold on my credit card got placed right away and on the website it says order within a certain time it would get shipped in under 48 hours later. Image my face when I start checking on the order because I can not wait to see this candle and try it out as I have never had a candle that could be used as a lotion that the order was not there even though I had the money come out of my account. Then the next time I had checked my account it said I had paid 4.99 shipping on the 16th of June for a candle called Fruit Punch but it wasn't fulfilled and yet to be shipped. I let the fact I got charged more than the ad said to get the candle fixed to the correct type. I finally on June 24th got them to get my order fixed. I after got a Fedex notice and finally got my candle on July 7th almost a full month after I ordered the one candle.

I will have to give them the fact the candle smells great.The buttercream and almond scent is something that my children also enjoyed as I let them use it to soften their hands. After burning it a good 15 hours it is still going strong. It came well packaged and I have used it as a candle , lotion and oil. I gave the ring inside to my daughter Beth who has a birthday in August. I did not care for the fact there was no signature required or a way to remove my credit card from file on the site.

Fast forward to August. I had just moved because the place I had lived was being sold for the landlord not paying taxes on the property. I knew I had wrote Bella Candles back in July after I had finally gotten the candle that I did not want to be part of the subscription plan they had. I figured since I was not able to remove my card and no attempt that I knew of to charge my card 49.99 that it got accepted. Come August 12th my fiance had wanted to do a family photo for the holidays and I found a great deal where I could get 48 photos and a 5" x 7" canvas for $23 . I had checked my account and had the cash before we got on the bus and rode out there. Now I have a phobia of being on the bus so the ride itself was an effort of love. We get inside and go through the 60 poses plus pic out what I wanted them I went to pay it. My card got declined. So I had to take cash that was earmarked towards other things to pay that. When I check my balance I'm 49.99 below what I should be. So I email this company and find out they had billed me for a candle and a soap? First off I had cancelled and Second it was stated 2 candles as I refuse to pay more than around $7 tops for soap as I can get body wash at Bath & Body works for cheaper.

I was told 7-10 business days to get the cash refunded back on my card and they cancelled the order. I am now nervous on them trying to redo this in September. As of August 27th I have not gotten any cash back. I am disabled and on a fixed income and getting tired of getting the run around. After taking a month to get the 1 candle I ordered and over 2 wees to get back the cash I did not give them permission to take it does not matter to me how great the candles smell or the beautiful jewelry. I consider it theft , I had been willing to let the first 3.99 overbill go and buy a few more candles around the holidays for family but I am done. This is warning be csreful from who you order from online as even a big place can bend you over if you don't watch your accounts.


  1. Thanks for the warning. These are the people that give online businesses a bad name.

  2. Yes when you get billed for things you don't order then they take their time to refund the cash. Even worse that cash was earmarked for things for my kids

  3. Oh wow Debra. That's awful business practices. The jewelry thing is what catches most people. They say that every now and then a "really expensive" ring goes in the batch. After reading up on this Bella Scam, I'm sure a really expensive ring has NEVER gone into not one single candle.

    1. Did you ever start making your candles again.. yeah my ring was cute but looked like gumball machine ring

  4. And I am still getting the Run Around on my 49.99

  5. I ordered a candle a month ago as yet still not received it ! Emailed but no reply. Bad service.


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