Moving is hard

     Whoever thought anything in moving could be easy was very wrong. Recently my household moved 900 miles to get away from a variety of things that was bringing my household down.

  To start off with finding a place within a month across states is hard as many will not rent unless they can meet you in person or have a ton of references. Now if your going from buying a place back to renting you do not have a landlord. And if you have pets you need to make sure place will rent if you have children and pets. It may not be legal for landlords not to rent to those with kids but it happens.

  Next is always the income issue if your on a fixed income. I just had someone ask me online if my husband was a retard because he is on SSD and told him to get a job because he was tired of supporting welfare bums. No not on welfare being disabled is something different and he earned the money he is getting. Though him needing to take care of me and the children can make life rough.

   Sorting out what you can take, sell or giveaway. For us we could because of family size and moving budget could only afford a 5' by 8' trailer. So that meant pretty much beds, clothes and a few major things. Did we miss some things in the last minute rushing and the pressure of someone standing over us YES.. Did we lose things that could never be replaced also yes.

   Even though in the move we lost things and the new place is not perfect. Am happier though moving 900 miles with 4 teens , 2 cats and not much cash is something I shall pass on in the future.Now that I have my blog back running will be keeping it caught up more.


  1. We are military so I know all about the pressures and heartaches that come along with moving! Hang in there though. You will love your new home in no time.


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