RockStar White Tooth Whitening kit

     I got in the ail to try out a few weeks ago this toothwhitening get Rockstar White.I thought to myself well my oldest has been complaining about her teeth and this was all natural so after I showed her she fell in love with the stuff and tried it. The stuff is definitely worth the price though they do sell on their website along with Amazon.

  The tray is easy to use and even though it can be used by more than 1 person for sanitary reasons keep 1 kit per person. I loved the fact that it comes with Vitamin E even if it work better if it came in a lil bottle and you got the cotton swaps yourself. The swabs did not work and to be honest there is not enough for the 27 uses the tube says its good for.

  The tube that is used for the gel itself is awesome so much easier to get the right amount this way.My daughter in using this only found out that she was more prone to drooling and had to remind herself not to eat for a certain amount of time. All in all a decent product for the price just needs a few more things to perfect it.


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