As with many people these days I am not one to be wanting to pay high bank fees or worry about the fear of forgetting what I have on hand and over drafting. There is also the security risk of dealing with a bank where one has to think of what could happen to your cash in a bank, whether it be place getting robbed , hacked or with the way the economy is bankruptcy and losing your cash. But on the other hand one wants if they can direct deposit their pay check. Most prepaid type cards have some a variety of fees , some of which one knows up front and others vary. For example some have a monthly fee for having account open that will be waved if one deposits so much in an account a month others the fee is there no matter how much one deposits. Very few let you pick your own design and most all charge extra for that but not They have tons of designs to choose from for free.
I got to pick my own design for the card I tried out. I picked the Black Dragon and later my husband ordered himself a Star Trek card as he liked the design.My card had some cash on it so I could fully try out the how it worked. Now I used it between two places and found it easy to use. The only thing I could not do was see how taking cash out worked with that.
On to more on the actual using of the card. First off beyond the Dragon design I picked it has a Visa logo on it so anywhere credit cards are accepted it can be used. My first stop was Walmart as I needed umbrellas for my children for school and totes for them to put things in. It was so easy to use I did self check out. I also used a Walmart gift card to get a few extra things but overall it was very much simplicity in the use of it. Next place I used the card was at the Dollar Tree and that was even better I used it and got complimented on the design. There I got an oil burner, 2 oils, nail polish and pencil sharpeners. For this most of the fees are about the same as any other bank or credit card. The big pluses for this is one can not overdraft and if one deposits only 800 a month there is no monthly maintenance fee. They do have ATM's where there is no surcharge for taking out your cash.It works with Paypal and you can even load through Western Union. What I think would be great would be if they had an option to order blank cards without anything just the images as I can see some of them being collectible as the designs are great. I loved using this card as it makes it fun and stylish to spend your cash.


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