Matcha DNA Green Tea

  This month I was able to ty something I never knew exsisted till recently. Now I am a huge tea lover and its not just the basic blacks I like its the herbal blends and the green teas. Other than the crystalized tea one uses to make iced tea I thought all tea had to be made by bag, strainer or flowering teas so the idea of a powdered green tea that could be used in multiple forms interested me.

  Matcha DNA sent me a bag of 34 little bags to try out. I read the intructions and first went well why do I have to heat the cup up first. I found out the hard way it does make a difference on heating the cup up first. The cup I did not preheat before making the powder did not disolve fully and stayed as a slurry in the bottom. I added more hot water and ended up with a second cup of tea and that fixed it.

My favorite way of drinking this tea is to add a touch of honey. Not only is drinking green tea good for your health adding the touch of honey helps sooth your throat in the colder months. Now I have yet
to try it in food but I am thinking of trying it in some vanilla ice cream and I have tried green tea in a snack bar and it is great. Not only is green tea healthy for you it will help you in other goals like drinking enough liquid. If you drink a cup of tea before eating you will eat less and in the long run will help keep your weight down. I enjoyed my chance to try this drink and the history behind  powdered green tea is very unique.             

This type of tea has been around for around 1500 years where it was started in China. This type of tea is made by drying a certain type of tea and then after dry pounding it into a powder. Most of the time at the making of the tea some salt was added and a sweet to eat with it was part of the procedure as some may consider this type of tea to be bitter.                             

I think it is great that it is being brought back into focus and for people all over to drink. Some of the ways of growing and making it have changed but the benefits are still the same. This tea is perfect for either a quick drink on the go or as an add in to many things. I personally found the best way to warm up my cup was to microwave  it for 10 seconds as I am water consience and do not like doing that one step. I still am now a big fan of this tea in all the ways it can be used.                                     


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