Gourmet meals you can do at home

   Sometimes one wants a special meal but one doesn't want to go out. Plated has that solution with a simple gourmet meal one can make at home for about $10 a plate. The food comes in sets of two and the instructions are easy to follow. I picked out the Orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabi. The ordering process was easy and they have been having deals where you can try the first box for free from them.Plated . This way you can make your meal either a couples romantic night or a family affair . 

  The food comes by Fedex and is very well packed and anything meat is covered with ice packs so nothing goes bad before you can get it put up. Here is how the food came wrapped in a silver insulated bag beyond the ice packs inside.

Here is the food in the box and below shows how much food dinner for 6 is uncooked.

  As one can see there is plenty of food to make sure everyone is full. My only suggestions for improvement would be to have all the spices together. The garlic was hard to mince even sized and think there should be more garlic. The chicken base would have been better off as a powder as it is hard to get it out of the plastic. I just had no idea how the broccoli rabi would taste as never had it before, so cooking it was a new experience and not sure if did it right.

Cooking was a fun experience in the space I had from dicing the garlic to decasing and frying the sausage with the seasonings in the meat. The only change I made was I used 1/3 of the broccoli rabi.
       Here you can see the meat and seasonings frying in the pan. And next the meal complete.

The finished dinner before I put it on the plates. It smelled great in the pan and looked better than I thought seeing as I did most of the cooking in an electric skillet except for the pasta which cooks very fast. Next I plated the meals and made a nice coffee drink to go along before I served it to my children. I also added a cookie called a Lotus Flower to make plates look extra special.

As one can see even after making all 6 plates with decent sized servings there was still leftovers. I used colored plates as it looked pretty and shows off the contrast even better. 
Kind of a fuzzy photo but my children showing off their food. Overall other than the broccoli rabi that my children said tasted like rubbing alcohol they loved every part of dinner. I would love to try other types of dinners though in future would do just for my spouse and me.


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