Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil & Massage Oil Review

I am very happy with this oil.
First of all, I need to say that I bought this oil for external body use only. It soaks in quickly, but if you are using it for massage purposes, you can use a little bit more and you don't have to keep adding and adding to keep the consistency needed for a smooth muscle rubdown. There is no scent - If there was a scent it would mean the oil most likely went bad.

Because of the purity of this oil, I find it ideal for use as a base oil combined with any other essential oils. I have used peppermint , vanilla and lavender scents in mixing up three different types of massage oil , a different type for different mood effects.

The price is great for how much you get,though I got one bottle in exchange for a review I ended up buying a second bottle for the other uses. I like that it is in a plastic bottle.The way it is bottled makes it easy to use though if your adding your own scents whether it be for massage or hair soak as I did make some bath oil using some , getting travel sized bottles to mix smaller batches up in works great.

What is Fractionated Coconut Oil?

As implied, it is a fraction of the coconut oil from which almost all the long chain triglycerides are removed, thus leaving mainly the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and making it an absolutely saturated oil. This saturation gives it a very long shelf life and greatly increased stability.

In addition, fractionating raises the concentration of Capric acid and Caprylic acid, for antioxidant and disinfecting effects.
Uses of Fractionated Coconut Oil

Its feather-light emollient effect provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores. It's excellent for dry or troubled skin & hair. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, not greasy like other vegetable carrier oils. It's fully soluble with all essential oils, colorless, odorless, and will not stain or go rancid. Perfect in roll on and spray bottles. Being thin and stable, it has many uses in the following applications.
- Cosmetics: It is widely used in the preparation of soaps, lotions, ointments and other cosmetics.
- Aromatherapy: It is used as a carrier oil, since it facilitates the absorption of other oils and herbal extracts.
- Medicines: It is used due to its antiseptic and disinfectant properties.
- Hair Care: It is also used in a number of hair care applications.


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