Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes

   The best thing I have gotten to eat in a long time was the 1 of a kind cheesecakes this place has. There are many types that I never thought could be in a cheesecake but taste wonderful. As can be seen they come in a beautiful crate.

   Not only are they tasty but how they come are so crafty with how the packaging can be reused. Since they start out from the where they come from frozen they place them in a reusable styrofoam cooler , wrapped in a thermal wrap ,in a wooden crate , in glass jars. And there is also an ice pack. Everything except the thermal wrap can be reused in some way or another. The cooler can be perfect to bring your cold lunch somewhere. The icepack has endless uses. Use the wooden crate as a base for a gift basket or even storage space. My favorite reusable item is the very jars you get the cheesecake in. The size of the jars are perfect for bath salts, making your own candles or storing small things you could lose/ Now on to the main deal the cheesecakes themselves.Decadence Cheesecakes

1)Margarita - Opening this you can smell the lime and want to eat this with the drink beside you to compare just how close this wonder tastes. The crust of almond biscotti is light and blends well with the sour cream tequila topping. The only thing is you eat a pair without noticing as good as they are.My personal favorite.

2)Blackberry/Cabernet- Gluten free with no crust this cheescake blends the fruity blackberry taste where the cabernet is blended with that sauce . There is chocolate on top of the cheesecake and there is more of the sauce on top.

3)Bacon/Blue Cheese- Before I tried this I would have never thought  of these things in a cheescake ?  But with this cheesecake it works perfectly as a spread or in my case used on sandwiches paired with roast beef and cranberry sauce for the perfect kick.This needs to be tried to show how good it is.

4)The Boardwalk- My spouse inhaled this within 5 mins of me opening the packaging.The chocolate crust and the peanut butter taffy used in the cheesecake is just divine. My husband's only wish was I could get a get him a full size cheesecake in that type. He's still drooling over how it tasted.

5)Southwest Cactus- My first time trying catcus so this was a new experience. I do like how the cornbread crust balanced out the taste. It was neither too heavy or too light.

6)Chocolate Decadence- All I have for the flavor of this is a guess as one of my children got it before I could. I do know it must taste good as with all the chocolate in it it could not be otherwise.The chocolate pecan crust has a cheesecake that has expresso in it and grated chocolate on top.

Averaging $6 each they are the perfect indulgence to give as gifts for that special person or people in your life. Or a special treat for yourself just freeze the rest until you are ready or if your like me they won't last long enough to make the freezer.


  1. Those sound great I would love to try them.

    1. They have an offer of 20% off an order till Dec 14th just put in debbie2free for the code

  2. Love cheesecake and these sounds oh-so-deelish!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ohhh! These look and sound wonderful! I am a huge cheesecake fan! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Those look too good to eat. Almost.

  5. Awesome, my husband loves cheesecake

  6. these look good I would love to make them

  7. Oh my goodness, these sound fantastic! :)


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