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   When I saw one of my classmates for college had a website that sold hand packaged mineral makeup that was also vegan I had to try it out. So I messaged her about bought the Hallow's Eve set and the press kit for experienced media guru's. I was not disappointed when I finally got the makeup as it was all pretty and she even threw in some extras because there had been a delay in shipping.

  As can be seen even the samples are bigger than I expected when compared to the full sized product.One of the items I tried that I never heard of before then was the sample of the lotion bar. at first I thought " ohh nicely scented soap at a big size" after looking at the ingredients I finally figured out it was a moisturizer and on trying it I love it. It is a great way of adding lotion to your body and not having to worry about your hands getting covered in gunk you have to wipe off or extra lotion on your body. The scent I got was Harvest Moon and I loved the smell.

  As I have also never used anything beyond pressed powders for eye shadow and face powder working with a mineral loose powder was extremely new on kind of experience for me so I kind of got powder on me till i got used to using it. I think it is great how both the outside and inside are sealed.

  Next the lip stuff. I found for the lip blush it worked better to use a lip brush to get the best coverage. My favorite was the vintage pout in Dunkachino I carry it everywhere with me and it tastes just like the coffee.

Personally I think the prices are great for the amount of product you get.Lucky 107.
Here is me made up.
As you can tell I prefer the subtle look. Even my 16 yr old likes this makeup though she did not let me get a photo of her.


  1. Ooohh I remember you talking about this and I really wanted to try it out. It all looks really pretty and tempting! The lotion bar sounds nice too, I've only ever tried one and I really liked it. Thanks for the review!

    1. I do have samples of the eye shadow I can mail easily if i anyone is interested :)


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