Sneaky Pete's

  This I have to say is the most unique type of drink I have ever tried before. Not only because it is extremely low on calories it is good for your heart and has OATS in it yes you heard me Oats.This is a great way to sneak fiber in your diet without using extra and bad tasting supplements.

   I got 5 different flavors to try from Sneaky Petes even though I only got to try 3 of them as my oldest tried one then forgot to refridge it so that spoiled on her. The flavors are Apples Away, Grape Escape, Mango Mystique , Peach Perfection and Raspberry Burst. I did not get to try the apple or the raspberry. I did want to try to warm up the apple with some cinnamon and honey since its cool out. The raspberry also sounded like it would be good.

  My favorite of the 3 I did try would be the peach perfection, and I wish that came in gallon size. The flavor for that just burst on my tongue. The next flavor I tried i forgot to shake up well enough which was the mango so I got a full force taste of the oats overpowering the mango. Last but not least is the grape which is a mellow flavor not too grape and not too oatish. All of these drinks I would want to buy again if not for myself then as gifts for others or treats for my kids. My only wish as I said is they come in just one size as bigger sizes would cut down on bottles.

  The other great thing about these products are they are all natural and you can pronounce the ingredients. Most if not all of them just have 7 ingredients and low sugar which is perfect if your diabetic or pre diabetic like I am.


  1. This sounds REALLY interesting. Never thought about oats in a drink

  2. I have never heard of these but they do sound interesting. I will try anything once.


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