Krave Jerky review & Giveaway

   Starting off when I looked at this site Krave Jerky I fell in love because I love jerky and all the flavors made it so much better.

    I got to try and am able to giveaway to one of my readers a box with the same 5 flavors I got to sample. This is the juiciest jerky you will ever get to try. I used to think all jerky regardless if it was beef, pork or turkey was dry and you had to chew a long time to get the flavor with this the flavor hits you and keeps coming up at you.I just wish I could have tried the basil or pineapple ones to balance out the chili types more.

  Lemon Garlic my personal favorite of the bunch . It is a perfect blend of garlic and lemon with the turkey jerky which is funny if you say it fast. It's not too sweet and not too spicy so you could just sit there and eat the whole bag in one setting like I did.

  Smoky Grilled Teriyaki was a bit more sugary than I expected so I ended up giving that to my 16 year old daughter. It is very moist and tender for pork jerky just the brown sugar wasn't my favorite. My kids loved it though.

  Next Chili Lime which off the bat one can see and smell the chili on this. It is very flavorful and my 14 year old son asked me if he could have it after seeing my oldest get her own package and that went fast.

Sweet Chipotla is a mix of not too spicy and just perfect sweetness. Last but not least Garlic Chili Pepper which I have to my husband as even though I love garlic flavor the chili made me want to pass. Great scent and he of course loved the flavor . 

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  1. I have never tried beef jerky before. Can you believe that? This sounds very flavorful. I think I would probably prefer the Grilled Teriyaki

  2. I love beef jerky, thank you for the review..

  3. I am a hugeeeeeeeeee fan of jerky!! I would die for some lemon garlic!!

  4. Sweet Chipole. I couldn't find a place on their web site to day you sent me.. Thanks for the give away!

  5. They all sound great but I'd pick chili lime!


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