Shackleton's Burden Review.

I enjoyed getting the chance to read this novel as it is an easy book to read without having to overly think things out. This book is geared towards teens to adults but unlike some books this does not have a lot of more intimate content many others add as filler.

Todd Yunker's Shackleton's Burden is a novelette that's part of The Lost Wonder science fiction series. In this novelette Todd Yunker introduces two characters - Alec and Dancer - to his readers. They both will be featured in Shackleton's Folly, which is the first part of The Lost Wonder series.

Here's information about the story:

Dancer is an android who finds Alec and tells him of his father's death. Alec has had problems with his father, because his father lived for his quest to find a mythical lost tribe of humans. Because Alec wanted to live his own life and didn't want to waste his life by following his father, he hadn't seen father for a while and news of his death come as a surprise for him...

It's easy to like and enjoy this science fiction story, because it's a story about the friendship between human and android and accepting one's duty. It's an easy-to-read young-adultish space adventure story that is suitable for both young adults and adults alike. Because most new science fiction stories tend to be written mostly for adults and have plenty of adult contents in them, this story feels reshingly different. It's a surprisingly good story in the vein of old-fashioned space adventure novels and stories.

The author has created an interesting premise for his series, because it was interesting to read about what has happened to humans. In this short story humanity is on the verge of extinction and has become a dying race.

Reading about Alec and his feelings towards his father was intriguing, because they didn't agree on certain things.


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