Sweetleaf organic stevia sweetener review

I got sent several products to review from Sweetleaf organic sweeteners. Flavored drops both the type that needed to refrigerated and those perfect for drink bottles plus the packets of sweetener itself of which as of now is the only type my other half will use if he has a choice.

Myself I have had issues using substitute sugars as either have been allergic or the taste has been so nasty even my kids won't touch. My example of being allergic is Sweet-N-Low .I tried also a Birch one and no one liked it. There have been a few other types have tried though in most cases I prefer regular sugar. Though with the handy packaging of the Stevia I can use it on the go.

Now on to the liquid drops that I got Peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice. These I had to hide from my children. I found I love the peppermint one an use it for everything from cocoa, to coffee and tea even tried some on ice cream. On the other hand the pumpkin I tried once and then had to throw the bottle out as the only thing I could taste was an alcohol and did not taste very good. But on those size bottles there are 17 types.

I also got sent a Sweet Leaf Sweet drops which are great for water packs. I have no idea what they taste like as my kids borrowed them and finished them. The 3 bottles that come in it make 111 servings and since you can get on Amazon for just under $11 that is an awesome deal. More on Stevia.

What is Stevia?
It is a great replacement for artificial sweeteners and is mo calories and no carbohydrates! What I love in addition is the company uses no chemicals, solvents or alcohols in their process and no waste either! The leaf becomes cattle feed or ground mulch and the spent water is distributed to local farmers to irrigate their fields.

Quick Facts:

SweetLeaf Stevia is a natural sweetener
SweetLeaf Stevia is 100% natural and contains no calories, carbohydrates, alcohol and has a zero glycemic index
SweetLeaf Stevia contains no chemicals
SweetLeaf Stevia has GRAS status – an FDA designation for substances determined to be safe in foods by competent scientific research
Common Uses:

SweetLeaf Stevia is a sweetener in soft drinks, beverages, desserts, sauces, yogurt, ice cream, cereals, toothpaste, mouthwash and baked goods.
SweetLeaf Stevia can be used in most recipes that call for sugar or a sugar substitute
Kills Candida
SweetLeaf Stevia is available in 35-count box of individual packets, 70-count box of individual packets, Stevia Plus Shaker Bottle, Liquid or Stevia Tabs.

Here is a chart for Stevia use in cooking:


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