Facial Blotting Paper [Day by Day Beauty] Review

I have always heard of blotting papers but never thought of them as something older people bought because it brought to mind was my grandmother. I got a set of 2 to try so I tried one out myself and gave the other to my 18 year old daughter to test. I love the smallness of the pack and they absorb so much more than tissues do. I use them myself more for blotting oil or wiping off eye shadow than for lipstick. My oldest uses them for wiping and blotting lipstick to general blotting her face as a teen she is prone to overly oily skin. I say they they are worth getting or even gifting as they are fairly easy on the budget and something that women and teens would enjoy getting as part of a pampering or bath gift set.

What Day by Day has to say about their product.

1) Blotting Paper Perfection. If you've tried ordinary blotting tissues before, you'll notice the premium feel & satisfying clean feel with Day by Day Beauty's #1 Blotting Papers right away. From start to finish these face blotting sheets are made of premium-grade, natural pulp fiber that quickly absorbs unwanted oil - without disturbing your makeup.

2) You'll need the 2nd Package to Share. This popular Blotting Paper Set ships to you with 2 Luxury Blotting Paper Packages (Each Package Has 100 Oil Blotting Sheets, for a total of 200 Oil Blotting Sheets Per Order). We know your friends will love them too, so we pack generously so you can be generous too ;)

3) Photo-Ready: In a Snap. Always be Photo-Ready in our insta-world! Say goodbye to selfies with shine thanks to your oil absorbing sheets. Gently blot, then point & shoot for a photoshopped look every time!


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