Minzos 4-In-1 TurboPen for Tablet & SmartPhone Review

I got to try Minzo's turbo pen out that I ordered from Amazon. I was very happy that I got to receive this though before December of 2014 I had no reason to need one as I only went on the internet from my laptop. This is an extremely useful as both a toy and the other uses it can be used for.

My favorite would honestly be the laser pointer as I have pets. The best part for the three cats I could get play is watching them run around the house. I found it a good way to give the cats exercise and it was enjoyable to see exactly when they would follow or how they would react. My birds on the other hand did not enjoy the lights and got very loud and yelled at me. Though I got my fish to also follow the light around and I amused myself by flashing my kids and fiance.

The flashlight and pen part I did not use much but they worked out well. I used the pen while out to take notes at the dr's office and to just doodle things that popped in my head. I only used the flashlight once and that was to look under my bed. It was semi bright but it did the job.Also unlike some other types of multi pens it does not poke through the stylus part.

As far as stylus part goes , I have used it a bunch because even though I have small fingers I am not very good at typing on my phone.I found this helps me out in writing people and it can be used for games. I still have to try that out more to get a better feel on how it works but it is fun to play with.


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