I would have to say www.1saleaday.com is my favorite site to get deals on things for my family. I have gotten a few things from them a few free and others that I have bought like jewelry and makeup so far.

    I must say their sale prices are very good and the quality of the products are great.I love the Elf makeup kit I got. I know my girls will love the heart pendants and the few other things are lovely. The free crazy straw glasses too a minute to get together but my 15 year old quickly snatched that up and the mystery stainless steel ring I snagged for 1.99 that did not fit my husband.

 And the fact they give you the tracking for each package is perfect so you know where each item is shipped from and when to expect it. I think from now on this will be one of my first sites to go to for things for gifts for my family and friends


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