Planters Berry Burst

     Decided today was the perfect day to open the second jar of the energy mix peanut butter. This type Berry Burst and made some slices of French bread covered with this for a quick morning pick me up after a long night.

   On looking at the ingredients other than the knowing it was crunchy peanut butter , I saw the berry that was in this was dried cranberry. I thought this was rather strange as my first thought would have been blueberries for the health benefits they have.

  So I put about a teaspoon and a half each on three slices of bread and grab a glass of ice water. I take my food into my room to try and take my morning medicine. Slowly taking a bite as I am thinking its a strange combination , I can taste the sweetness of the berry combining with the stickiness of the peanut butter. I then drink some of my water and think about how it tastes between bites.

  For the price finding it at $2.00 a jar at Walmart it makes it around 20cents a serving to fix. The taste is not too overpowering and blended in with a jelly addition makes a perfect quick snack. This type would work great for baking like muffins or cookies as it is not overly oily like some types and is healthy for you. I can not wait till I try the last type Cinnamon Raisin as I have loved the Berry Burst and the Banana types , though the first was my favorite so far.


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