Tips for Entering Giveaways

     Now at first thought one would think entering a giveaway is so easy that tips are not really needed. Not so as there are many types of giveaways be it from a Fan Page or from the maker of the product itself.

   Most important thing you need to do is write down what you enter and important information like how long it runs and who is running it. Many times you have a limited time to get back to someone before losing your prize. You do not want this to happen because you skipped checking your email for a day, it ended up in spam or you deleted it on accident. I know this as I lost an email for a contest I won that way.

   Next on entering make sure it is a real giveaway. There are some out there there are just scams to either get your information or will virus your computer.This goes along with the writing down of what you entered as not everything you get in your email that says winner is real, the majority of it being some scam saying you won some huge amount of cash if you only send handling fees or release bank account info.

   Want what you are entering for. Some people in the rush to enter anything they can get for free don't even want or have a use for what they entered for. This takes away from those who are trying to win in because they want it. If its for a gift its different but in most cases entering something to enter is taking time from you looking for a giveaway of an item you want/need.

     Make sure you follow the directions for entering. Many giveaways use rafflecopter where you get multiple entries for doing certain tasks. If you don't do them right you will get disqualified so make sure you pay attention to what you do.

  On winning there are also things you should do for sake of politeness. Get back to the person hosting or the sponsor as soon as possible so they can relay the information or get your package together depending on what was won. Be sure to thank the person you won the giveaway from . It takes a lot of time and effect for something like that to be set up though you should have already thanked them once for entering. Also if they have a FB thank them on there.

  After winning don't forget about the site you won the item from . Too many times a person only joins a fan page or site long enough to win an item and leave. Even though the host was good enough to have the giveway they need to keep enough fans, etc to be able to keep things going so don't let them down.

  Thank you for taking the time to read my simple guide on entering giveaways


  1. Great post and lots of valuable information!!

    1. Thank you I've never seen any posts on this and I figured a simple guide would be helpful. I know I've had to make a list & do all this for the reason of forgetting

  2. Great post! I think a lot of people get disqualified for not following tips like these. Thank you for this!

  3. I love that you pointed out that you should be courteous to the person hosting the giveaway. It really is a lot of effort and often resources particularly for smaller sites.

    1. I try to thank everyone on entering & for winning .Its simple manners


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