Planters Nutrition Mix

    I just got from a Klout perk 3 types of Planters Nutrition Energy mix.I opened up the banana granola nut mix and took a big sniff. It smelled just like banana nut bread.

   So I took out a spoonful and had my youngest whom I had picked up from school try it. She loved it and wanted more. I showed the types to my other 3 kids and they all liked them. I plan on finishing the one jar before opening the other 2 though I know it will be very fast as everyone loves peanut butter and it being flavored makes it even better.I bet they will taste just as good/

  Not only does it taste good but very health with all natural ingredients. With the fact it is not high in sugar and has a good amount of protein among vitamins and minerals it makes it a great choice for a healthy snack , pick me up or a fast meal on the run.


  1. I got some too! Can't wait to try them out! After reading this I am going to try the banana granola nut first!

    1. I'm tempted to just eat this stuff from the jar. Ohh I bet i could add this in baking yummy. looks up stuff I could use this with

  2. Sounds yum! Always looking for healthy snacks for the kiddos... and me! Let us know how you like the others also!

  3. Sounds so good. I cant wait to Try. Thanks for great review. :)

  4. This sounds great. My oldest and I are allergic to peanuts so this would be more for my husband.


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