Purina Cat Treats

    With me having multiple cats it is extremely important to have treats they all enjoy. Their favorite is getting Frisky treats. As can be seen for just a few treats 3 of my cats are surrounding my hand.

    The flavor they went wild over today was part of the Party Mix the Wild West mix. I had to be very careful giving them this treat as not to get my hand nipped as they all wanted a treat at the same time.

   One of the best of this it is very affordable to buy for those who want a treat their pet will love.Even having an easily visible use by date at the bottom.Beyond the fact they are easy to find in many locations with a huge range of flavors perfect for even the finickiest feline you may own.And feeding instructions along with ingredient list is another good thing one can easily see.


  1. How fun! We don't have any cats, just a dog. Hubby told me before we got pregnant the last time, that it was the LAST TIME. He said, next time you want a baby you can have a cat instead. I want an indoor/outdoor cat (what other sort is there?), and that can't happen with this landlord; so, as soon as we move, I'm getting a cat! Our youngest, twins, will be 2 next month. :)

    1. You have to be careful with indoor/outdoor ones too many things can happen to kitty outside. I have 4 kids,my kitty hoard, 2 puppies a ferret & a hamster ..Lol yeah busy household

  2. I am allergic to cats but I like to watch the one that hangs out in out neighbors kitchen!! She likes to hang out in the window and antaganize out hound dog...she is FUNNY!! i should grab some of these treats for her :-)

    1. These are fairly cheap treats that can be found at some places for as cheap as a 1 a bag I just got 4 bags for $3 the other day with coupons


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