Purina Cat /Kit & Kaboodle

     I must say I love this type of food not only for the decent price but the fact my household of cats and kittens love this brand of food. I have a decent amount of furry babies both kittens and adults.The variety of flavors ensures none of them get bored.
   At current time my household goes through 4 bags of the biggest size the 16 pound bag a month in feeding and taking care of the animals in my cat sanctuary. As my neighborhood knows me and my family rescue cats and more so kittens having something affordable that fills up my furry babies without being hugely expensive.
  At current time I have 5 adult cats ranging from ages 5 years to 1 year. My kittens are all around the 2-4 month age and have 7 of them as got 2 more today from a family trying to find homes for kittens at the local Walmart.


  1. I love purina pet foods it is all we feed our animals!

    1. I agree plus they seem to be the best to find coupons for


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